Mercedes-Benz Safety and Technology in Clearwater, FL

Mercedes-Benz Safety and Technology

Lokey Motor Company

Clearwater, FL

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How can we make driving safer and more enjoyable? Mercedes-Benz engineers are answering this question with the latest innovations in technology. Intelligent Drive is a new generation of breakthroughs to make driving safer and easier. The advanced computing systems of Intelligent Drive interpret your surroundings and adjust your vehicle's responses to adapt to any driving condition. Visit Lokey Motor Company and let our staff of Mercedes-Benz Certified Professionals teach you about all the safety and technology a Mercedes-Benz has to offer.

  Mercedes-Benz Active Lane Keeping Assist
Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist  

  Mercedes-Benz BAS Plus with Cross-Traffic Assist
Mercedes-Benz Parking Assist
Mercedes-Benz Evasive Steering
Mercedes-Benz Apple CarPlay
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Mercedes-Benz Android Auto

Mercedes-Benz Adaptive Braking
Mercedes-Benz Agility Control
 Mercedes-Benz Agility Select

Mercedes-Benz Airbags and Seatbelts

 Mercedes-Benz Blindspot Assist

Mercedes-Benz Car to X Communication
Mercedes-Benz Collision Prevention

Mercedes-Benz Crosswind Stabilization


Mercedes-Benz  Drive Pilot
 Mercedes-Benz ECO Start / Stop

Mercedes-Benz  Head-Up Display